Academy of Hospitality (AH!)

Academy of Hospitality (AH!)
Certified NAF Academy
Monache High School
The Academy of Hospitality (AH!) teaches students the skills and academic knowledge needed in various hospitality-related college and career pathways including Culinary Arts and Tourism/Recreation.
AH! Highlights:
  • Guest Services Gold Certification 
  • Food Handler's Certification
  • Cafe Bleu (student run enterprise)
  • Internships
  • Guest Speakers
  • Industry and College tours
AH! Program of Study includes: 
  • Principles of Hospitality
  • Get Focused/Stay Focused - 10 year plan
  • Travel/Event Planning/Recreational strand
    • Hospitality I & II
    • Hospitality Senior Seminar
  • Culinary Strand
    • Culinary Arts I & II
    • Commercial Foods
  • A-G UC approved core courses
Pathway Lead: Becky Silvas - Email
Advisory Board Chair: Amy Graybehl, Parks & Leisure, City of Porterville