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Academy of Finance (PAB)

Academy of Finance - PAB
California Partnership Academy of Business since 1992
Porterville High School 
If you want the freedom of being your own boss, have the dream of building your own company, or would like to pursue a career in the business or finance industries, the PAB Academy of Finance will help you foster your entrepreneurial spirit and empower you on your journey to success.
  • Campus-based, student-run Tulare County Federal Credit Union 
  • Student-run Student Store, "Live Oak Cafe"
  • Day visits to universities, state and community colleges for all grade levels every year
  • Annual overnight field trip to colleges with behind the scenes business tours
  • Integrated projects based on real-world business and finance applications
  • Internships with industry partners that provide practical job experience
PAB Program of Study includes College Prep Courses and the following Career Technical Courses:
  • Basic Computer Technology (9th grade)
  • Principles of Finance (9th grade)
  • Financial Services (10th grade)
  • Financial Planning 10th grade)
  • Computer Accounting (11th grade)
  • Entrepreneurship (12th grade)
  • Business Ethics (12th grade)
Principal: Jose Valdez - Email
Pathway Lead: Michele Halopoff - Email
Advisory Board Chair: Dustin Della, Branch President, Suncrest Bank
Academy Assistant: Kate Brackley
PAB Office, 559 793-3459, Email