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PUSD Graduate Outcomes

PUSD students will have the skills and knowledge to be prepared for college and career and to make a positive impact in a dynamic, global society.  
Critical Thinking and Problem Solving Skills
Graduates will apply knowledge and skills while investigating, interpreting, and analyzing information to develop and implement creative new solutions to complex problems, issues and situations. 
Cultural Awareness and the Ability to Collaborate with Diverse Groups
Graduates will use acquired cultural awareness, self-awareness, insights, and sensitivity about their peers and audience to collaborate effectively within diverse groups. 
Technical Skills in Digital Media Applications and Information Management
Graduates will utilize a variety of industry standard digital, media, and informational management applications to design and create successful products, services, or solutions. 
Effective Communication Skills of Listening, Speaking and Writing
Graduates will actively listen, process, and synthesize information for context- appropriate communication. Graduates will articulate subject matter, adjust communication to various audiences, acknowledge alternate views, and use appropriate evidence in an organized, effective manner. 
Adaptability, Responsibility and Ethical Behaviors
Graduates will adapt to various situations and environments, work effectively in a climate of uncertainty and changing priorities by working positively, effectively and open mindedly, and learning from failure. Graduates will manage time and projects effectively. Graduates will demonstrate integrity, adaptability, and ethical behaviors by acting responsibly with the interests of the larger community in mind. 
Creativity and Innovation
Graduates will develop creative new solutions by designing, performing, and producing innovative and practical applications with assigned tasks. 
Leadership, Self-Management and Organizational Skills Obtained Through Real World Applications and Community Involvement
Through authentic experiences, graduates will successfully collaborate, meet deadlines, and continue to develop leadership skills while designing and implementing long-term plans to become life-long learners. 
The Ability to Navigate the Global World of Work and Further Their Education
Graduates will identify, explore, and evaluate career options to make an effective transition into an appropriate post-secondary setting as a productive citizen in service to others. 
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