Academy of Careers in Education (ACE)

Academy of Careers in Education (ACE)
Distinguished NAF Academy
Granite Hills High School
The Academy of Careers in Education (ACE) provides a diverse learning environment for students. Through hands on experiences, rigorous academic programs and the college classes, our students become prepared to be the future leaders in education. Our motto is..."We are growing our own teachers for the future."
ACE Highlights: 
  • College and University tours 
  • Internships with local schools and pre-schools 
  • Growing our own teachers for the future!
ACE Program of Study includes: 
  • 9th Grade- Education Careers Exploration 
  • 10th Grade- ACE Career Pathway I 
  • 11th Grade- ACE Career Pathway II
  • 12th Grade- ACE Career Internships
Pathway Lead: Rich Lambie - Email
Advisory Board Chair: Val Staley, Retired Assistant Superintendent
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