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Academy of Engineering (AOE)

Academy of Engineering - AOE
Distinguished NAF Academy
Harmony Magnet Academy
The Academy of Engineering at Harmony Magnet Academy is designed to give students a four-year high school hands-on learning experience focusing on the many facets of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education. The Academy of Engineering uses Project Lead The Way (PLTW) engineering curriculum, and coupled with the College Preparatory core courses, provide all students with skills to be college and career ready upon graduation. 
Highlights of the Engineering Pathway:
  • Internnect Architectural Design competition
  • Student run enterprise, "Harmony Enterprise"
  • Bright Energy 101 Internships
  • MESA and robotics 
AOE Program of Study includes:
  • Introduction to Engineering Design (9th grade)
  • Digital Electronics (10th grade)
  • Principles of Engineering (11th, 12th grade)
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing (11th, 12th grade)
  • Civil Engineering and Architecture (11th, 12th grade)
  • Engineering Design and Development (11th, 12th grade)
  • Biotechnical Engineering (11th, 12th grade)
  • A-G UC approved core courses
Pathway Lead: Scott Karjala - Email
Advisory Board Chair: Robert Keeley, Engineer, Beckman-Coultier