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Pathways » Porterville Military Academy (PMA)

Porterville Military Academy (PMA)

Porterville Military Academy (PMA)
PMA will provide realistic applied leadership challenges in a rigorous academic setting to mold our students to be model, civic-minded, professionals that are tomorrow’s public service, business and civic leaders.
Regardless of career aspirations, success will require you to be a person of character, to be committed to the cause, to have perseverance to see the job through, to function as part of a team and when the time comes, lead your team by providing purpose, motivation and direction.  Porterville Military Academy uses a military structure to maximize the opportunities for realistic applied leadership experiences.  Such experiences will mold our students into civic-minded, professionals with the skills and knowledge to not only be successful in any endeavor, but to be the effective leader that allows for your team's success.
PMA believes in developing the whole person based on the "Four Pillars": academic excellence, leadership by example, civic responsibility, and physical fitness and well-being. Only through rigorous academics, applied leadership experiences, moral and character development, as well as physical fitness will cadets have what’s necessary for success in the 21st century.
  • Team sports
  • Travel within the state
  • Marksmanship
  • Drill competition
  • Cadets of the Year Boards
  • Bivouacs (Basic Survival Training)
  • Leadership Schools
  • Annual Encampment
  • Extreme Team Challenge
  • Obstacle and Confidence courses
  • Leadership Reaction courses
PMA's program of study includes the following courses: 
  • A-G core courses
  • Leadership Philosophy
  • Professional Ethics and Conduct
  • First Aid
  • Principles of Fitness
  • Methods of Instruction and Lesson Planning
  • Leadership Counseling
  • Leadership at the Direct
  • Organizational and Strategic Levels
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Decision and Policy Making Strategies
  • Group Dynamics and Control
  • Establishing Mission Goals and Objectives
  • Map Reading
  • Drill and Ceremonies (Marching)
Pathway Lead: Crystal Browning - Email
Advisory Board Chair: Ron Irish, Owner of Stop Alarm