Computer Operations & Development Education (CODE)

Computer Operations & Development Education (CODE)

Certified NAF Academy

Granite Hills High School



In the CODE Academy, students gain hands-on experience in the areas of coding, cyber-security and computer application technology. Students complete projects by using Photoshop, creating mobile apps, programming robotics, developing web-based games, practicing cyber-security, and solving real-world problems. The CODE Academy uses Project Lead The Way curriculum.

Highlights of CODE: 

  • Field Trip to BitWise/GeekWise in Fresno
  • College and University tours
  • Field Trip to Qualcomm in San Diego 

CODE Program of Study includes:  

  • Creative Computing: Building with Blocks
  • Computing and Society: Transitions to Text
  • Web Development: Solving with Syntax
  • Computing with a Purpose
  • Algorithms, Graphics, and Graphical User Interfaces
  • The Internet
  • Raining Reigning Data
  • Intelligent Behavior
  • A-G UC approved core courses
Pathway Lead: Cody Diliberto - email
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