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Environmental Science Academy (ESA)

Environmental Science Academy - ESA
Monache High School
The Environmental Science Academy focuses on the sciences and environmental influences. Students regularly conduct indoor and outdoor labs with applications to real world settings. Students will learn how human activity impacts the environment and will obtain the critical thinking and problem-solving skills necessary to productively contribute to real-life solutions. Students investigate real-world, local problems and create unique solutions. They undergo project-based learning in the fields of environmental science, natural resource management, energy science, and culminate their experience with a senior project where they can make a real impact on their community in the area of their choosing. ESA students make a difference.
  • Wildlife Habitat Restoration projects
  • Energy Efficiency audits and improvements 
  • Landscaping with native, drought tolerant plans
  • Biodiversity Research
  • Campus Recycling Program
  • Projects based on scientific inquiry
  • College visits
  • Guest Speakers
  • Job Shadowing and Internships
  • State and National Competitions
ESA program of study includes:
  • ESA I: Intro to Environmental Science (9th grade)
  • ESA II: Natural Resources (10th grade)
  • ESA III: Energy Science (11th grade)
  • ESA IV: Internships (12th grade, qualifies for 2 units of college credits)
  • A-G UC approved core courses
Pathway Lead: Amanda Driver - Email
Advisory Board Chair- Richard Goode, Professor, Porterville College 
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