Academy of Law, Justice & Ethics (LJE)

Academy of Law, Justice and Ethics - LJE
Distinguished NAF Academy
Granite Hills High School
The Academy of Law, Justice and Ethics is committed to preparing students for college and career while developing ethical and dedicated individuals through integrated career-themed course in the field of law and justice, public safety, and social services.
Porterville Unified School District is proud to announce construction of the Justice Center, scheduled for completion in summer 2020. The new classroom building for the LJE Pathway will add a courtroom and forensic labs for students.
  • Mock Murder Scene (CSI) 
  • Mock Trial Team 
  • College tours
  • Science Center: Body World 
  • Senior Trip: Sacramento 
  • Family Crisis Center Certification 
  • CPR Certification 
  • Justice Center with a court room and two forensic labs
 LJE Program of Study:
  • Civil and Criminal Law
  • Forensic Biology
  • CSI Photography
  • Ethics
  • Criminal Psychology
  • Report Writing
  • Public Safety
  • Social Service
  • A-G UC approved core courses
Pathway Lead: Jane Kisling - Email
Advisory Board Chair: Robert Dempsie, Supervising District Attorney, Tulare County District Attorney
Virtual 360° LJE Pathway Tour
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